You likely didn’t get a chance to attend yesterday’s “Fighting Back Against Corporate Greed” rally in Boston yesterday, featuring very special guest, Sen. Bernie Sanders. We can only hope that you’ll find a way to pick up the pieces.

We honestly have no idea what went down at the event, nor do we really care. So we’re not going to write about the event itself, but rather about Bernie’s tweet yesterday morning promoting it.

Here it is:

First of all, do you notice anything interesting about the graphic work there? Because quite a few people out there have definitely noticed something interesting:

We knew we’d seen that branding somewhere else before!

Bernie Sanders is just staying on brand … by ripping off a successful company’s brand.

Grew up in a small apartment … and became an elderly millionaire socialist with three houses. Not too shabs!

Bernie Sanders loves being a rich old white guy. It affords him the means to parade himself all over the country pretending to be a working class hero. Socialism and communism can actually be pretty lucrative for politicians if they play their cards right.

It pays very well to be Bernie Sanders.

That’s exactly why he’s stopped going after millionaires. He can’t exactly tell his legions of gullible followers to eat the millionaires, because he’d have to offer himself up to them on a silver platter. Much safer for him to focus their attention on the billionaires.

Well, not all the billionaires …

Bernie will make no such pledge.

Because Bernie Sanders runs on hypocrisy.



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