Breaking news: Bernie Sanders is grumpy.

OK, we’re being silly. Bernie Sanders being grumpy is not, nor should it ever, be breaking news. He’s literally grumpy all the time.

But the thing that makes him grumpiest of all is billionaires. They just piss him off to no end.

So come World Economic Forum time, you can expect Bernie Sanders to be spittin’ fire. And he is:

Did Dr. King say anything about the obscenity of elderly socialist millionaire politicians ranting and raving about income and wealth inequality enriching themselves by ranting and raving about income and wealth inequality?

Bernie Sanders used to inveigh against millionaires, too, until he himself became one. Is there any doubt that if he suddenly became a billionaire, he’d reserve all of his righteous indignation for the trillionaires?

Bernie Sanders lives by the politics of envy. So yeah, he’s mad he didn’t get an invite to Davos.

Bernie Sanders is an ingrate.

That’s at least two more houses than most people in this country own. Obscene housing inequality!

Now that we can believe.