In case you missed it, Liz Cheney lost her primary election last night. Can’t say we’re all that surprised. Even Cheney herself appears to have seen it coming, since by this morning, she already had plans to launch her very own political organization to fight for our republic, a fight that will no doubt require a lot of money from Democratic donors.

Cheney is also considering a possible presidential run in 2024, which, even if it doesn’t successfully sweep her into the White House, could still prove very lucrative before all is said and done.

So basically, Liz Cheney is gonna be just fine. Her cheerleaders in the MSM … not so much. At least not if CNN host Alisyn Camerota’s reaction is anything to go by:


“A close watch on Wyoming and what happens there tonight could add to a trend. And that is election deniers winning primaries around the nation. What does that mean for our democracy?”

Well, Democratic election deniers have also won races. Hell, Stacey Abrams ran unopposed in the Georgia Democratic gubernatorial primary, and she’s still claiming that Brian Kemp stole the election from her almost four years ago! Democrats don’t seem to mind election deniers, but it’s not difficult to find Republicans and conservatives who have and will continue to call out Donald Trump et al. for peddling stolen election conspiracy theories.

But let’s just focus on the “What does that mean for our democracy?” part, because there’s plenty to say about it.

Yep. It means that democracy is working as intended. Liz Cheney chose taking a stand against Donald Trump over representing her constituents, and her constituents responded by voting for someone else. It’s actually pretty simple.

For Camerota, and so many other liberals both in and outside of the media, “democracy” is just a euphemism for “getting what we want.”

That’s all democracy has ever meant to these people. And it’s just as stupid today as it ever was.

As many times as it takes to get us to take them seriously. Which is to say that they’re never gonna stop playing that damn card.

They do this every time they lose. And the crazy part is that Cheney lost a Republican primary. Camerota et al. have no intention of voting for Republican candidates in any race. And if Cheney had won, they probably wouldn’t waste much time before going back to painting her as a war criminal’s daughter who’d vote for Hitler if she had the chance.

As it happens, Cheney’s loss will buy her extra airtime on CNN and other MSM outlets for a while. So, in that sense, both democracy and Liz Cheney won.

Count on it.


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