In case you missed it, the Inflation Reduction Act won’t actually do anything to reduce inflation (but it did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night). It’s OK for the MSM to acknowledge that now, but for some reason, Democratic politicians still can’t bring themselves to admit it to the public.

That’s why Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin responded to a question about what specific parts of the bill would reduce inflation by asking for a different question:

“Next question.”

Of course none of it.

The Inflation Reduction Act, or Jamie Raskin? Ah, right. Both. They’re both complete jokes.

No, he won’t answer. There’s a difference. Raskin knows there’s a difference, just like he knows that the Inflation Reduction Act won’t fix inflation but instead will exacerbate a bunch of existing problems and create a bunch more new ones.

Anything to avoid admitting the truth.

Heh. Maybe there’s something to that. Can’t give a BS answer if you refuse to answer the question, right?

Would you? The Inflation Reduction Act is gonna be an unmitigated disaster. Raskin, like other Dems, doesn’t want his own filthy hands to get any dirtier than they already are.

That makes it even more important that you remember who ultimately owns it.

Vote them all out.



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