“Reliable Sources” host Brian Stelter has been doing a lot of thinking lately, especially after the FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago.

As Brian sees it, the raid got a ton of attention from both the media and the public, and it created a vacuum for people desperate to make sense of exactly what went down. And you know who was only too happy to fill that vacuum? “Trump and his allies” — like Fox News — who filled it with “mistruths and muck.” And now, a lot of people out there have doubts about the FBI’s impartiality and integrity.

Brian discussed it in detail, effectively reiterating that only honest media outlets like CNN can be trusted to tell the truth about Donald Trump, the FBI, and everything else:

Is Brian Stelter a hologram? Because when we watch that, all we see is projection. Well, projection and a complete lack of self-awareness. Has Brian Stelter watched CNN at all over the past several years, or was he just too busy looking for reasons to justify his obsession with Fox News?

He did indeed. And maybe that has something to do with an increasing number of Americans not trusting the various arms of the Justice Department.

When was the last time Brian checked in with his friends and CNN colleagues in the Democratic Party? Just because conservatives and Trump supporters have been calling out the FBI for becoming politicized and being used as a weapon against Democrats’ political enemies doesn’t mean that conservatives and Trump supporters are wrong about the FBI. And the DOJ for that matter. As U.S. Attorney General, Merrick Garland has made no secret of his desire to punish anyone who stands in the way of the progressive Democratic agenda.

And as far as the “Why do so many Americans hate the media?” question is concerned:

That’s Real News, Mr. President.



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