For some strange reason, Brian Stelter still presides over a show called “Reliable Sources.” And for some reason, Stelter thinks John Harwood is a reliable source on anything.

That reason is that CNN thinks that if they take themselves seriously enough, they don’t need anyone else to.

We really don’t know what other conclusion we could possibly draw from this clip of Harwood talking to Stelter about the real “spectrum” that journalists need to be concerned about when it comes to political reporting:

“We can’t shrink from identifying who’s on the truth side and who’s on the lying side. That is a choice that Republicans, many Republicans have made. And we in the press are not indifferent to that. We should take sides in that. We are for the truth and we’ve gotta say so.”

This friggin’ guy, man. This friggin’ network.

Because this … is CNN.

Yes. Yes he did.

He’s certainly dedicated. We’ll give him that.



CNN’s John Harwood praises January 6 committee hearings as ‘not in the slightest bit ‘partisan”