Remember how genuinely proud we were of Nancy Pelosi for having the balls to defy the Chinese government — and their open threats of pre-emptive and retaliatory violence — and go through with her visit to Taiwan during her tour of Asia? We can count the number of positive things we have to say about Nancy Pelosi on one hand, but we were happy to give her credit where it was due.

Well, maybe we should’ve put a moratorium on our praise until a time when we could be absolutely sure that she was truly standing up to China. Because after this, we might be feeling just a little confused:

Oh, Nancy, baby … what is you doing?

Yeah, our thoughts exactly.


That’s definitely one possible explanation. Actually a pretty plausible one if you consider her citing Freedom House.

Here’s where Freedom House has Taiwan:

And here’s China:

Our expectations for Nancy Pelosi have always been pretty low, but we can believe that she just misspoke and honestly meant to say “Taiwan” when she said “China.”

That would make what she said slightly less horrible … but not much. Not much at all. Mixing up China and Taiwan is a pretty huge mistake, and it’s not a good look from one of the most powerful politicians in the United States.

We’re embarrassed for her. And for ourselves.

Anyway, something to think about:

That seems more than fair.