Guys, we know we’ve dedicated a lot of time and post space to making fun of Joe Biden’s doddering-old-man-erisms, but truth be told, we genuinely don’t like the idea that he’s senile. One quality that’s highly prized in an American president is presence of mind. In fact, it’s also a pretty important quality.

It’s a quality that seems to be conspicuously lacking in Joe Biden. And stuff like this doesn’t really do anything to reassure us that we’re just being paranoid:

Our bodies are actually sore from all the cringing we did watching that.

How can anyone — Democrat, Republican, liberal, conservative, man, woman, human — look at that and not be genuinely concerned about the mental wellbeing of the President of the United States?

It’s something, all right. It’s concerning. Disturbing. Terrifying.

Jesus may need to pay Joe Biden a healing visit. Because it’s abundantly clear that something is very, very wrong with the president.

Nobody’s home.

Maybe she’s making herself at home:

Oh yeah. The coughing:

America is in trouble, guys. Big trouble.



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