Now that Democrats have finally succeeded in passing their massive, sweeping climate, health care, and tax bill — formerly known as the “Inflation Reduction Act” — the Washington Post can say with confidence that Joe Biden is on a hot streak.

“A remarkable three-week stretch”!

And speaking of remarkable things, among the many Biden past and present associates who spoke with the Washington Post was Jen Psaki, who said something that was pretty — wait for it — remarkable:

Isn’t that remarkable? More from the Washington Post:

“One of the lessons learned — a big lesson learned — was that letting the negotiations with senators dominate the public conversation was a mistake, because it made it so that disagreements about minutiae became what the public consumed, instead of how pieces of legislation were going to impact people’s lives,” said Jen Psaki, Biden’s former White House press secretary. “Sometimes the best things happen in the dark, away from the public.”


We see what you did there, Charlie. The Washington Post, of all outlets, the “Democracy Dies in Darkness” folks, using a quote from Jen Psaki praising lack of transparency in order to buttress their argument that Joe Biden’s on a hot streak … remarkable.

You could certainly be forgiven for thinking so.

They’d probably get their house raided.



Jen Psaki says her time as Biden’s spox has convinced her that DC is the OPPOSITE of rotten and corrupt


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