As we told you earlier, trans Harvard Law clinical instructor Alejandra Caraballo is feeling very pleased with herself over James Lindsay’s permanent suspension from Twitter.

She’s more than happy to take credit for it.

Lindsay’s supposed “hateful conduct” was basically drawing attention to the scourge of sexual predators grooming kids. “Groomer,” you see has become a dirty word, and anyone who would use it must be punished (as far as groomers themselves go, well, we’re supposed to just let them be). The crime is pointing out the sexual predation, not practicing sexual predation.

Anyway, some people pointed out that Caraballo’s repeat spammy reporting of Lindsay is itself a violation of Twitter’s TOS. But we don’t expect her to face any consequences. Not when, as Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon points out, Twitter has engaged in some inappropriate — and hateful! — conduct as well:

Last time we checked, James Lindsay wasn’t a “they.” He never asked to be referred to as a “they.” So how can Twitter just casually dismiss his chosen gender identity in favor of one they’ve picked for him? That’s literally violence!

Is Twitter going to tolerate that sort of behavior from themselves?!

Do they think we can’t see what they’re doing? Do they think we’re blind to the seeds of hatred they’re sowing by refusing to respect an individual’s preferred gender identity? This is indeed bigotry, Twitter, and there should be no place for bigotry here.

It’s time for Twitter to put up or shut up:

Fair is fair, right?