Normally, when there’s a virus that’s spreading, information can be a powerful weapon to fight it. People who are fully aware of what’s going on will be in the best position to help curb the spread. So what is it about monkeypox that’s different? What is it about monkeypox that makes information about it more dangerous than the affliction itself?

Well, these might offer some clues:

Right now, at least, monkeypox is overwhelmingly spreading among gay males. And for some reason, our government betters seem to think that there’s something inherently wrong with informing the public about that. Somehow, it’s “homophobic” or “bigoted” to try to warn gay males or sexually promiscuous individuals that they could be engaging in behavior that puts them at greater risk of contracting monkeypox.

Take a look at how the D.C. Health Department is approaching the issue, for example:

You have to visit and scroll down to the bottom in order to see the eligibility criteria. That information can’t be found anywhere on the one-sheet. What are the odds that most people are actually going to visit the site and scroll all the way down? If we didn’t know any better, we might think that the D.C. Health Department were trying to withhold vital information from the public.

The people most at-risk of infection are the people the government is trying to keep in the dark. And for what? So they can’t be accused of perpetuating homophobia? Last timed we checked, keeping gay people in the dark was a lot more homophobic and harmful to the gay community than making sure they’re as informed as possible about a disease that’s spreading among them.


We’re starting to notice a pattern here.

When someone asks you why you find it difficult to maintain any faith in our government, just show them this. That should clear it right up for them.



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