We’re going to break with the New York Department of Health and keep using the term “monkeypox” despite its “painful and racist history.” As we reported, the Biden administration says what’s “really important” about monkeypox is that “we do not use this moment to propagate homophobic or transphobic messaging.” Some Americans have taken that seriously, such as Andy Slavitt, who tweeted that “the myth that sexual activity is the cause of monkeypox & that reducing it is a valid strategy for managing a disease does not, on its face, make any sense.” That breaks with the CDC’s advice on having sex with monkeypox, which includes masturbating six feet apart.

The East Bay Times reports that the “beloved” San Francisco fetish festival, Dore Alley, is pressing ahead despite anxiety over monkeypox.

Amid a burgeoning monkeypox outbreak that has so far disproportionately affected gay and bisexual men, Bay Area public health officials and organizers of one of the region’s most beloved LGBTQ events are walking a difficult line between preventing the spread of the virus, while fighting the stigma of the virus as a disease limited to the LGBTQ community.

Despite San Francisco officials’ declaration of a public health emergency over the monkeypox virus, organizers of Dore Alley — a live-out-loud leather and fetish festival that’s been a favorite among LGBTQ communities in the Bay Area since the 1980s — said Friday they intend to hold the festival this weekend.

The San Francisco event, which is expected to draw 5,000 people, comes amid deep anxieties across the LGBTQ community over the outbreak, which has proliferated amid a shortage of vaccines.

We wonder if Speaker Nancy Pelosi will attend and encourage everyone else to gather at Dore Alley, as she did with Chinatown right as the Wuhan virus was spreading.

There sure are a lot of people calling Ben Shaprio homophobic for even bringing it up.