Earlier this year, Dr. Jack Turban — who is, in his own words, an “Ass. Prof of Child Psychiatry” at University of California San Francisco — boldly proclaimed that puberty blockers are a lot gentler on growing bodies than actual puberty.

Hot take, right? This guy fancies himself an expert in trans youth mental health, but based on what we’ve seen from him, he’s the one in need of a mental health expert. He definitely shouldn’t be in a position to guide kids who are struggling with sexuality and gender identity issues, that’s for damn sure. But according to this pair of tweets from yesterday, he thinks he is one of only two outside people who should be involved in someone’s decision to transition:

How about the parents? This guy has a focus on working with kids, who, in case it needs to be said, frequently have parents who might also have some thoughts on whether or not their children should be given puberty blockers or have penises or breasts removed.

Also, when it comes to the idea that LGBTQ+ identity should be a personal, private matter, that all sounds very nice, but Turban regularly promotes exposing children to LGBTQ+ culture even at a young age.

That’s not keeping things private, is it?

Jack Turban wants to have his cake and eat it, too. And if some kids get mutilated in the process? Well, that’s OK. It’s for the best, right?

“Ass prof,” indeed.



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