On Friday, Madeleine Kearns published a piece in the Wall Street Journal about transgender athletes essentially ruining sports like women’s track and field by dominating every event.

She writes:

The results speak for themselves. Since Connecticut’s athletic conference enacted its liberal gender-identity policy, two men have won 15 women’s state championships—titles that were held by 10 different Connecticut girls the previous year.

“It’s just really frustrating and heartbreaking, because we all train extremely hard to shave off just fractions of a second off of our time. And these athletes can do half the amount of work that we do, and it doesn’t matter,” Ms. [Selina] Soule says. “We have no chance of winning.”

You’re supposed to feel Selina Soule’s frustration, but you’ll only do that if you can get past Kearns’ liberal use of the word “men” to describe the transgender athletes who have won 15 women’s state championships.

Kearns didn’t appreciate being called “a bigoted writer.”

Has anyone measured the rates of depression of girls who have been giving everything they have to distinguish themselves athletically for college admissions and scholarships? Hey, someone else thought to ask:

In other news:


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