Kamala Harris was in attendance at a roundtable discussion about issues like what the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision means for the future of disabled people in the United States who might need to have an abortion:

Because of course they introduced themselves with their pronouns.

It gets even better. Which, depending on your definition of “better,” may mean worse:

Thank you for clearing that up, Kamala. If you hadn’t given us this information, we might’ve been really confused.

It’s pretty weird, not gonna lie.

Oh? Is she just worried about blind people?

Just showing concern for the disabled?

Sounds like a hell of a roundtable.

Bradley’s just mad that he has no sense of humor and is not mentally capable of understanding why this whole scene is so ridiculous and cringeworthy.

Although if Bradley would like to start introducing himself that way, he should feel free. We can never have too many reasons to laugh at him.

Part of us — the part that can’t stand Kamala Harris and the Democratic Party — wishes it weren’t. But part of us — the part that enjoys pointing and laughing at liberals making asses of themselves — can’t help but enjoy it.

The Biden administration is teeming with silly people. Or silly “pesons,” if ya nasty.

No big mystery.

Oh well. If nothing else:

So at least there’s that.