By now, you’ve probably heard that GOP Rep. Lee Zeldin was attacked while speaking onstage during a campaign event yesterday. But you may not have heard about how CBS News has framed it:

More from CBS News:

Rep. Lee Zeldin, the Republican candidate for governor of New York, said Thursday that a man climbed on stage and attempted to stab him during a campaign event. Zeldin said he was not seriously injured in the attack, and the perpetrator was taken into custody.

“I’m OK,” Zeldin said in a statement. “Fortunately, I was able to grab his wrist and stop him for a few moments until others tackled him.”

Zeldin, who will face off against incumbent Gov. Kathy Hochul in November, said he was speaking to supporters in Fairport, New York, when the man tried to attack him. Zeldin said he was able to finish his speech after law enforcement took the man into custody. He did not provide any information about the alleged attacker.

“Zeldin said.” “Zeldin said.” “Zeldin said.”

They’re too busy looking for ways to downplay the attempted assassination of a U.S. Congressman, so looks like it’s up to us to roll that tape. Or, rather, tapes, as the incident was documented by multiple people.

CBS News’ own report features footage at the top of the story.

CBS News has to know how insane they sound, right?

This isn’t like when AOC said she’d been arrested despite not having been arrested (and footage being available proving that AOC had lied). ABC News may have tried to run interference for her, but it didn’t work.

Now we’ve got CBS News actively and very deliberately trying to downplay an actual threat to a congressman’s welfare.