As we mentioned earlier, the White House is reportedly mulling over declaring a national climate emergency in order to offset the damage Democratic problem child Joe Manchin has done to their Build Back Better agenda.

But really, what is there to even think about? Apparently there’s at least one Hill staffer who thinks this should be a no-brainer for Joe Biden (which, incidentally, is the ideal kind of brainer for Joe Biden):

Don’t worry, we grabbed a screenshot:

That’s quite a tweet, isn’t it?

It’s just so fantastic on so many levels.

Wait … he works for Cori Bush? Does that mean he’s in the union for congressional staffers who have been victims of their bosses’ “culture of abuse”?

Actually, it looks like he is:

But we digress.


You know, now that we think about it, it does like it could be a threat …

Li’l bit, yeah.

That’s a great question! Maybe we should ask Andy Levin to comment.

In the meantime: