Yesterday, the Washington Post’s Max Boot gave us the column we’d been waiting for:

Ron DeSantis is even more dangerous than Donald Trump? Looks like we’re officially off to the races!

Hey, speaking of New York Magazine’s resident lunatic Jonathan Chait, look who’s here:

You keep using this word “authoritarian,” Jonathan. We do not think it means what you think it means.

You mean (D)ifferent.

Seriously, Chait et al. love to toss “authoritarian” around with regard to Ron DeSantis, but if they were even remotely interested in being intellectually honest, they’d acknowledge that DeSantis’ actual record as Florida Governor is actually pretty anti-authoritarian.

Such authoritarian, huh?

Where are Jonathan Chait’s Twitter threads about Gavin Newsom’s authoritarian rule over the State of California? We’ve scoured the interwebs high and low and have come up empty.

Oh, they’re having plenty of fun with it. They’re just making complete asses of themselves in the process.

We’ll leave you with this oldie-but-goodie from Chait:



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