Earlier today, we told you about former would-be Disinformation Czar Nina Jankowicz taking Nancy Pelosi to task for spreading false information regarding Florida’s Senate race between incumbent Republican Marco Rubio and Democrat Val Demings.

But before you go congratulating Nina for getting it right, there’s something you should know: she’s still a liar-liar-pants-on-fire.

And now, over to the Washington Examiner’s Jerry Dunleavy:

Since the New York Times puff piece couldn’t be bothered to note any instances of Jankowicz spreading falsehoods, looks like it’s up to Dunleavy to bring the receipts:

Dunleavy could’ve gone on and on. Seriously. But he ended up getting distracted by a brand-new lie from Jankowicz:

Better question: Did you read it, Nina? Surely you want to know which of your quotes the New York Times decided to use in the piece that you claim wasn’t about you.

You can take the Nina Jankowicz out of the Disinformation Governance Board, but you can’t take the disinformation out of Nina Jankowicz.

Uh-oh, Nina …

Speaking of pegs, if we were Nina Jankowicz, we’d take ourselves down a couple of pegs right about now.

Nina doesn’t have a job in the Biden administration, either.

Well, Nina would’ve helped Joe Biden govern by disinformation, so in a way it would’ve made sense.



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