As we told you earlier, Bette Midler’s still a hot Twitter trending topic thanks to her tweet accidentally calling out the woke Left for using dehumanizing language to refer to women.

You may have noticed at the bottom there that “Bette Midler” is trending with “Macy Gray” and “TERFs.” What’s all that about?

Well, you may remember Gray and her uniquely raspy voice from her huge 1999 hit “I Try,” among other songs. She recently sat down for an interview with Piers Morgan, where the two discussed topics like America, the Constitution, the American flag, and racial injustice.

Oh, and women, and how women are biologically different from men. It’s that bit that’s got so many tongues wagging about Macy Gray:

Here’s a brief clip:

You can watch more of the interview:

Starts around the 6:00 mark:

Gray correctly predicted that she’d catch a lot of hate for saying what she said:

but so far, at least, she doesn’t seem to be fazed by any of it:

Gray’s candor has earned her the respect of none other than fellow “TERF” J.K. Rowling:

Gray’s earned our respect as well. Like Rowling, she’s hardly what you’d call a right-winger, but she recognizes the harm that the radical trans movement has done and continues to do to women.

She is. And good on her for it.