Actor Ezra Miller has turned out to be quite the problematic person, what with the nasty temper and all those accusations of being a groomer and rapist and whatnot.

We’d call Miller a problematic man, but then we’d be the ones who are problematic. Because, you see, Miller’s preferred pronouns are they/them. At least we knew about that before covering them for this post. Unfortunately, one of [their] many alleged assault victims was unaware of Miller’s preferences when she accused [them] of violently assaulting her.

Fortunately, Variety was able to retroactively correct her account to ensure that Miller would not be offended by being referred to by strictly male pronouns:

Wow. God forbid a cis woman be allowed to mis-pronoun her alleged assailant. Thank you for your service, Variety.

Except we probably could’ve predicted this. The trajectory of wokeness is such that it was only a matter of time before the real act of violence became referring to a biological male as “he.”

What Becket said.

What a stupid time to be alive. Not to mention offensive:

We’re beyond the looking glass, people. We’re living in the effing Upside-Down.

Evidently not.



The New York Times had a little trouble this morning with Ezra Miller’s preferred pronoun