Actor Ezra Miller, best known as Barry Allen in “Justice League” and the upcoming “The Flash,” was arrested and charged with second-degree on Tuesday after allegedly throwing a chair at a woman:

This is Miller’s second arrest in Hawaii:

According to police, the woman suffered a cut on her forehead from the chair:

“The Flash, with a reported $100 million budget, is currently in post-production so replacing Miller doesn’t seem like a viable option:

Maybe Johnny Depp can play Flash? Like an old version or something:

And it does seem like this story isn’t getting the attention it deserves. Compare and contrast to Will Smith at the Oscars, for example:

Miller paid a $500 fine for the incident in March:

The New York Times was forced to delete a tweet after using the wrong pronoun to describe Miller. It’s “they,” not “he”:

But rather re-write the tweet with the correct pronoun, the New York Times just didn’t use one:

Shouldn’t the NYT have just used “they”?



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