By now, you’ve hopefully heard about the Supreme Court’s ruling today finding that Congress never gave the EPA the authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions.

This is a good decision.

Of course the Left is melting down even faster than they claim the planet is. And when we say “the Left,” we’re of course including the Washington Post’s former resident “conservative” columnist Jennifer Rubin, for whom all bets are now officially off. Not that any Democrats were asking for Jen’s advice, but she’s sharing it anyway:

Put that on a t-shirt! Embroider it on a pillow!

Democrats should definitely make this a central part of their 2022 and 2024 election platforms.

Jennifer Rubin’s got her finger on the pulse. Democrats have got their fingers on the pulse. When you combine them all, they’re practically unstoppable! A veritable runaway train of terrible, horrible, no-good, very-bad ideas.

Nonsense! We want her to share this wisdom with everyone. Everyone needs to hear it and know how just how smart she really is.