Summer has officially begun, and that means it’s Road Trip Season in America. “But what about skyrocketing gas prices?” you’re probably asking yourselves. How can people enjoy their summer vacation when gas is so expensive?

Not to worry! Joe Biden has got it all figured out:

This is brilliant, guys. More from our friend Ed Morrissey at HotAir:

Joe Biden’s probably counting on Republicans to resist this foolish gimmick, and he’s most likely correct. Perhaps they shouldn’t, however, and instead let this silly idea finally have its day. The momentary 18.4¢ per gallon reduction in gas prices will get swallowed up by still-rising prices, which rose by 40¢ in the first two weeks of this month alone. The momentary spike in demand will likely force higher increases in price than might have happened without the “holiday,” in fact. Then, sometime in September just when the first voters begin to cast ballots in a few jurisdictions for the midterms, Biden will hit them with an 18.4¢ tax hike.

Does anyone do math or look at a calendar in this White House? Really? Even among election-year panders, this idea is … well, as competent as you’d expect from Biden and his team.

And let’s not forget that the federal gas tax actually serves a specific purpose. As Egan points out, it finances the Highway Trust Fund, which goes to a number of infrastructure maintenance tasks. One of Biden’s few accomplishments in his first 17 months in office was passing a bipartisan infrastructure bill that has to work in tandem with the Highway Trust Fund. Now Biden is proposing to starve the one solid win he got other than the inflation-starting American Rescue Plan to try to temporarily blunt the effects of Biden’s insane energy policies.

Hmmm … you know, the more we think about it, the worse this idea actually sounds.

So of course White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain is super proud of it:

Congratulations, Ron! This is huge!

It is! But also it’s not! Give Ron some time and he’ll get back to you.

It’s called “making progress,” Smug. Get with it.

Heckuva job, Ron!

Except it’s exactly the sort of thing you’d expect Ron Klain to brag about. Because Ron Klain is a jackass.



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