Yesterday, the Washington Examiner shared purported audio of problem child Hunter Biden discussing all the influence he has over Joe Biden with a friend in 2018. According to the younger Biden, the elder Biden thinks of him as “a god.”

But Hunter was also very effusive in his praise for his father. He really respects his dad, you know? He’s learned so much from him. Like how many guns you’re allowed to have if you’re out there hawking gun control for other people.

The Examiner’s Jerry Dunleavy and Andrew Kerr are out with a new scoop today, also featuring material purportedly obtained from Hunter Biden’s trusty laptop. This time, it’s text messages exchanged between Hunter and Beau Biden’s widow Hallie Biden, discussing Hallie throwing Hunter’s gun in the trash:

More from the Washington Examiner:

Hallie, who had a tumultuous relationship with Hunter following his brother’s death in 2015, said she found Hunter’s .38-caliber revolver in his unlocked car and threw it in the garbage near Janssen’s Market in Wilmington, Delaware. When she told Hunter, he told her to go retrieve it, but it was already gone. The police were soon called.

Hunter’s father, President Joe Biden, called for a spate of new gun control measures on June 2 following deadly mass shootings at a school in Uvalde, Texas, and a grocery store in Buffalo, New York. Among the laws he called on Congress to pass were measures that would hold people personally liable if they don’t lock their weapons up in a safe.

“Did you take that from me hallie? Are you insane. Tell me now. This is no game. And you’re being totally irresponsible and unhinged … You really need to help me think right now hallie — this is very very serious.” Hunter texted her just before noon, and she soon told him to call her.

“I can’t believe this, you can blame me all you want, I know it was stupid,” Hallie said about an hour later. “But your part is dangerous and negligent. And because of this and my stupidity for being worried about you, im dealing with insanity and possibly I’m the one going to get in trouble. Check yourself into a local rehab hunter, this has all got to stop.”


And there’s more:

Five? Did you say five?

Five. Not one, not two, not three, not four, but five.

Apparently Joe undercounted.

And Joe Biden wants to take our legally owned and secured guns away? Sorry, Joe. Don’t think so,