When he wasn’t rehearsing his unhinged, lie-laden speech for the AFL-CIO convention, President Joe Biden was evidently busy preparing to issue a proclamation concerning World Elder Abuse Awareness Day:

To be clear, World Elder Abuse Awareness Day existed before Joe Biden took office. It was actually launched by the U.N. in 2006.

Which, coincidentally, was also the last time Joe Biden said something reasonably coherent. Hey-oh!

Anyway, while elder abuse is no laughing matter, Joe Biden issuing a proclamation about elder abuse awareness is pretty hilarious if you think about it.


Elder abuse is an issue that’s very personal to Joe Biden, given that he himself is a victim.

Better than most.

That probably never occurred to him. But he also never figured out how to send texts on his Jitterbug. Those things can be pretty confusing, what with their giant buttons and all.

It sounds like one.

He does blink an awful lot, now that we think about it …


Especially since he literally can’t remember what happened on the previous day.

At this point, it’s cruel to subject Joe Biden to any more of this. And it’s cruel to subject ourselves to any more of Joe Biden.

Enough is enough.