Joe Biden spoke today at an AFL-CIO convention in Philadelphia, where he enlightened his audience about how great a job his administration is doing on everything:

That was the only thing he said in his speech that was actually true.

They’re still having trouble putting food on the table, though.

He really likes that talking point. Unfortunately, just like every other time he’s busted it out, he refuses to offer any semblance of evidence to support a blatantly false claim.

And then there was this gem:

No, you heard right. Listen:

Well, OK, sure, Joe. We suppose technically that’s true. You are changing people’s lives. Not for the better, but you are changing them.

If we were Joe Biden, we wouldn’t be bragging about changing people’s lives right now.

Speaking of high gas prices:

And it’s all Putin’s fault, OK?

Gas prices are skyrocketing because of Putin and only because of Putin and not because Joe Biden’s energy policies are disastrous.

He actually expects us to believe that instead of our own lying eyes and ears.

Because Joe Biden is a lying liar who lies.

You know what Joe Biden wants more of? Tax hikes:

Someone, for the love of God, get the hook. We’re tired of Joe Biden changing our lives.

We’re angrier. A lot angrier.