While you sit there and try to figure out how you’re going to be able to afford the gas you need drive to the grocery store to buy the food you may not be able to afford once you get there, please try to spare a thought or two for the real victim of sky-high inflation: President Joe Biden.

More from the New York Times:

A new acceleration of inflation in May deepened the political challenges for President Biden and his economic team, who have sought in recent weeks to reassure wary Americans that the specter of inflation is beginning to fade and the country is shifting toward more stable growth.

Damn those deepening political challenges! As if Biden didn’t have it hard enough already!


Friday’s release of Consumer Price Index data from the Labor Department contradicted, at least for a month, some of the administration’s more optimistic predictions. It showed prices of goods, like cars, eggs and clothing, growing faster in May than they did in April. A senior White House official told reporters in a background call on Thursday that the administration expected goods inflation to moderate in the months to come, specifically citing the car market, which has been pinched by semiconductor shortages and a resurgence of demand for vehicles.

The report also illustrated the degree to which the global shocks of the war in Ukraine continue to push American prices higher, particularly for energy and food.

Yes, thank you, New York Times, for reminding us that a lot of this is Putin’s fault.

It’s genuinely amazing: Somehow, literally nothing that has happened on Joe Biden’s watch is Joe Biden’s fault. He’s just an innocent bystander in all this.

Joe Biden cannot fail; he can only be failed.

It’s not journalism; it’s the New York Times.