As we discussed earlier today, Washington Post political reporter Felicia Sonmez hasn’t let up on her campaign to punish every single coworker who thinks she went way overboard with her reaction to Dave Weigel retweeting a joke (that apparently hit a little too close to home).

To her credit, Washington Post reporter Lisa Rein politely advised Sonmez to back off and move on to more productive uses of her time:

Little did Lisa know that she’d kicked a hornet’s nest. Washington Post elections coverage software engineer Holden Saige Foreman (he/him, in case you were wondering) quickly pounced (or seized) on Rein’s tweet and did a little investigative journalism of his own:

Not all heroes wear capes.

Felicia is ever so grateful:

Oh yes, Holden. Thank you so much for white-knighting for stunningly brave damsel in distress Felicia Sonmez!

*Karens appreciate you doing this.

Women who aren’t completely psychotic think you and Felicia Sonmez look like giant asses, Holden.

Democracy Dies in the Darkness Inside Tweeters’ Pants.

If we were Jeff Bezos, we’d sell the Washington Post, like, yesterday.

Hell, we’ll give him five bucks for it right now. That’s about $4.99 more than it’s actually worth at this point.


OK, Jeff. We’ll give you $1.25.