It’s honestly difficult to figure out who’s more excited about the January 6 committee hearings: the Democratic Party or the mainstream media.

Though on second thought, there’s very little that actually separates the Democratic Party from the mainstream media, so maybe it doesn’t even matter.

Anyway, it should be pretty clear from this clip of CNN’s Jim Sciutto speaking to Dem Rep. Steve Cohen that both Dems and the MSM are hoping and praying that the hearings will anger enough crazy right-wingers to lead to another violent “insurrection” during the midterms:

Are you listening, white supremists [sic] and terrorists? Jim Sciutto and Steve Cohen are fully expecting you guys to serve up a heaping helping of violence, and you wouldn’t want to disappoint them, would you?

It’s not journalism … but it is activism. And implicit thirst for violence, which is pretty messed up, if you want our opinion.

Sure, Jim.

And what a list it is!

If they are, what would they be saying and doing differently?




NYT gives away the January 6 committee’s real game (and even some libs are disgusted)