Late last week, President Joe Biden informed Americans that, contra their own lying eyes, the economy is not just humming along under his leadership, but actually thriving.

After another relaxing Delaware beach house weekend, Biden’s rested and refreshed and ready to shovel still more BS:

What, exactly, constitutes “modern history”? Because we’ve been around for the past few years and this definitely doesn’t feel like a robust recovery.

But he’s really leaning into this narrative:

Getting pre-COVID jobs back after the Democrats shut down the economy shouldn’t count as job growth, but you go off, Joe Biden. You go off.

And blaming Putin for the problems he created. Don’t forget about that.

Because it is gaslighting.

Always with the gaslight, that Joe Biden.

Not just denial, but willful denial. Deliberate denial. Also known as lying.

Worse. Joe Biden makes Donald Trump look like a Boy Scout.