Last week, after several months of being in excruciating limbo, Ilya Shapiro triumphantly announced that he would be returning to his job at Georgetown Law. Despite students’ efforts to cancel him — and  Georgetown Law Dean Bill Treanor’s cowardly willingness to indulge them — Shapiro had triumphed.

But after a few days, Shapiro couldn’t shake the bitter taste from his mouth. And that led him to make an important decision:

Shapiro has shared his letter to Dean Treanor as well. You’ll definitely want to read it:

Shapiro not only does a fantastic job of defending his character, but he zeroes in on exactly what Treanor and Georgetown Law have done wrong: the willingness to bend over for the outrage mob, the implicit threats against him in the future, the staggering hypocrisy … Shapiro leaves no stone unturned. His letter demonstrates exactly why he would have been such an asset to Georgetown Law, and it shows what so many of the alumni going forward will be lacking in their education.

We wish the very best of luck to Ilya Shapiro.