You may be feeling the squeeze from Joe Biden’s economic policies and you may think that the current state of the country could use some significant improvements, but it’s more important now than ever to maintain perspective.

And who better to provide that prospective than MSNBC host Joe Scarborough? Here he is reminding us how good our economy is doing despite all the obstacles that tireless, fearless leader Joe Biden is up against:

You’re a lying hack or an ignorant rube if you claim that the economic policies Joe Biden has championed have had significant negative effects on our economy.

If Joe Scarborough ever quits his day job, he should consider writing for the Washington Post. He’d fit right in over there.

Happy days are here again!

We’d like to know what color the sky is in Joe Scarborough’s world, because he’s clearly living in a different world than we are right now.

National Review senior writer Dan McLaughlin attempted to bring Scarborough back down to earth:

But Joe was having way too much fun to accept McLaughlin’s help:

But Donald Trump!

Ever since Joe and Mika’s passionate love affair with Trump came to an end, they’ve dedicated much of their time to getting back at him by doing things like blaming him for our rapidly worsening economic woes.

We’ll give Joe a minute to think about it. Meanwhile, more from McLaughlin:

OK, back to Joe. Let’s see what he came up with:

So Joe’s lost his mind, basically.

McLaughlin is capable of seeing and acknowledging Trump and the GOP’s mistakes and, even more importantly, learning from them.

Joe Scarborough is too blinded by his hatred of Trump and the GOP to learn even one damn thing. And he prefers it that way.

We don’t blame you for wondering about that. With each passing day, we wonder about it, too.

One thing that’s abundantly clear, though, is that Joe Scarborough doesn’t deserve the benefit of anyone’s doubt. Or anyone’s respect.



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