Yesterday, Karine Jean-Pierre kicked off her White House press secretary career with a bang, channeling no less than Kamala Harris in her answer to Peter Doocy about Joe Biden’s dumb tweet about bringing down inflation by “[making] sure the wealthiest corporations pay their fair share.”

Here it is again, because who doesn’t love a good train wreck:

We almost pity her. But we can’t fully commit to pitying her because she (a) is a flaming conspiracy theorist and (b) accepted this job knowing that she most definitely wasn’t up to it.

No need to be so forgiving, Guy. This is the Biden administration, after all. They’re bad at a lot of things, including telling the truth and making important personnel decisions.

National Review Online senior writer Dan McLaughlin couldn’t help but marvel at Jean-Pierre’s performance, either, and he tweeted about how bad it made the White House look:

Little did he know that Bernie Sanders campaign alumna Melissa Byrne was watching him and ready to pounce and seize:

Expecting the White House press secretary to be up to the job she was hired to do is racist and sexist now? Who knew?

Melissa’s tweets definitely do have a bot-like quality …

“The NRO.”

No. No it did not.

We’re starting to sense a trend.

There it is again! “The NRO.” She’s so precious.

Four? Do we hear four?

She’s still winning, guys! Really, she is!

Is Dan McLaughlin mad, though? It comes off as amusement more than anything else.

She’s on track to shrink into a baby corncob. So adorable.

How about this one?


If we were programming the Melissa bot, we’d at least try to make the responses a little more creative. Just to say we made the effort.