When it comes to fighting climate change, it’s all hands on deck. Everyone has to do their part.

For instance, we as consumers have to start buying electric vehicles we can’t afford.

And the United States Coast Guard has to … um, we’ll let President Joe Biden explain:

Come again?

“To manage the impact of climate change becoming more extreme, more extreme weather and growing migration flows. In addition, you see what’s happening in the Arctic. Arctic’s gonna change drastically and become a place that is gonna also potentially generate potential conflict in terms of dominating in the Arctic as it melts.”

That’s an awful lot of words Joe Biden is using to not really say anything.

Seems to be the case with regard to a lot of subjects Joe Biden weighs in on, actually.

The Biden administration is just full of big, bold ideas.

Why not?

Hey, as long as they use the right kind of gun, they could do some real damage to climate change:

And an AR-15 could decapitate and explode it.

Apparently not.