The World Economic Forum in Davos is underway, and climate change is a big issue on the agenda.

So who better to discuss this grave crisis than the expert himself, Mr. John Kerry?

Who’s “we,” kemosabe? You know, we’d love to ask, but the World Economic Forum seems to have limited who can reply to their tweets.

How odd! And evidently a lot of people out there didn’t make the cut:

Looks like if you want to ask questions, you’ll have to use the ol’ quote-retweet workaround.

Maybe he teleported. Surely he couldn’t’ve taken a plane, because that would mean that he’s a hypocri— oh. Right.

Enough money to be a featured guest at the World Economic Forum. If the price of admission is the wellbeing of our planet, well, they’re willing to pay that price.

Same old story, same old song and dance.

In other words, we will never, ever take them seriously.



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