Alibaba Group President J. Michael Evans excitedly told the crowd at the World Economic Forum in Davos that the technology is almost there so consumers can monitor their “individual carbon footprint” and track all sorts of things like how they’re traveling and what they’re eating.

Watch for yourself:


“We’re developing, through technology, an ability for consumers to measure their own carbon footprint. What does that mean? That’s, where are they traveling? How are they traveling? What are they eating? What are they consuming on the platform? So, ‘individual carbon footprint tracker.’ Hmmm? Stay tuned. We don’t have it operational yet, but this is something that we’re working on.”

Thankfully, they say the insane stuff out loud so we can keep an eye on them:

But why do they do that?

Maybe it’s because they don’t even feel the need to hide it anymore:

Now, we get that he’s saying it’s some voluntary consumer thing, but once a huge website like Alibaba is collecting that data, it’s a huge problem:

We’re not buying it:

And we’d really like these elites who are the ones with carbon footprints through the roof to just one day live by the same rules they want for the rest of us. Imagine *his* daily carbon footprint?


We’d like to see other climate warriors share their data, too:



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