Earlier, we told you about Nina Jankowicz’s tragic tale of woe on CNN last night about how her ability to lead the Biden administration’s fight against disinformation was undermined “by a disinformation campaign” she never saw coming, a campaign from people who are willing to risk national security in order to make her look bad.

We don’t really understand what she’s complaining about. She may have lost her shot at being Joe Biden’s Disinformation Czar, but at least she’s got a promising career on the mainstream media circuit!

Here she is again, this time on CBS News, doubling down on her assertion that her resignation from the Disinformation Governance Board poses a grave threat to America’s national security:

She’s found her talking points and she’s stickin’ to ’em.

Congratulations to Jankowicz on her pregnancy. Truly.

But that’s really the only nice thing we have to say about her. She’s trying to use her pregnancy to make herself an even bigger victim than she made herself out to be a few days ago when she resigned. Losing her leadership at DHS is the opposite of a risk to national security, because we’ve seen what she has a tendency to do with a microphone and a platform, and it’d only be a matter of time before she said something that could get us into trouble somehow. We kind of wanted to nuke ourselves after watching those musical videos she posted.


Almost as ironic as Nina Jankowicz screeching about the scourge of disinformation while pushing disinformation herself!

Forget it; she’s rolling.

No way in hell or on earth did Nina Jankowicz check her political beliefs at the door. We call disinformation! Again.

She is blinking a lot, isn’t she?

That sounds about right.

We’re sure she’ll land on her feet at some point.