Nina Jankowicz has now officially failed at two things in life: being a Broadway star, and being the head of a Ministry of Truth, aka the Disinformation Governance Board.

Her dreams of the latter were dashed this week when the Biden administration’s Department of Homeland Security made the difficult decision to “pause” the board, and Jankowicz resigned.

No wonder Taylor Lorenz was given the exclusive rights to the scoop on Nina Jankowicz’s spectacular downfall. These two ladies love to make themselves the victims of “disinformation campaigns” that are based on using their own words and actions to hold them accountable.

And we wouldn’t be even remotely surprised to hear Taylor Lorenz also attempt to make the argument that people are criticizing her because they don’t care about national security. She and Jankowicz are two peas in a drama queen pod.

Wasn’t Nina Jankowicz the one putting her own personal political ambitions ahead of national security by choosing to be a part of the farce known as the Disinformation Governance Board? If disinformation is such a grave risk to our national security, shouldn’t she be better at, you know, fighting disinformation?


Oh well. In any event, if Nina Jankowicz is smart, she’ll still find a way to make lemonade out of her tremendously difficult ordeal:

Do we smell a Tony?



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