The Department of Homeland Security’s super-Orwellian sounding “Disinformation Governance Board” has been put on hold, and the person tapped to head up Biden’s Truth Ministry, Nina Jankowicz, has stepped down.

On Chris Hayes’ MSNBC show, Jankowicz claimed criticism of her was “wildly out of context” when in fact she stepped down because past comments she made were completely in context:

LOL. Jankowicz’s comments were taken so “out of context” that even the Biden administration agreed that her leaving while the Disinformation Governance Board is put on hold would be for the best. It has nothing to do with “context” — they got caught.

Oddly enough that’s probably exactly what Jankowicz believes.

Nope, not partisan at all:

And don’t forget that the would-be Disinformation Czar was quite active in pushing disinformation. When Jankowicz claims to be an “expert at disinformation,” she’s telling the truth, but just not in the way she’d like everybody to believe.



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