Judd Legum, the ThinkProgress alumnus who currently writes Popular Information, “an independent newsletter dedicated to accountability journalism,” has been going through some pretty rough stuff lately. See, people out there have been accusing him of misinformation, and only lefties like him are allowed to label stuff “misinformation.”

Legum’s thread is a really, really long one, and we’re not going to post it in its entirety here. Feel free to check it out for yourselves, though.

So you know, here’s how the thread ultimately wraps up:

It’s worth noting that Judd’s full of you-know-what here:

Judd’s not used to people being upset with him for making facts known … because he notoriously traffics in alternative facts. For example, he definitely has a lot of beefs with people who criticize educational rot in the public school system and has gone out of his way to slime those people. Judd’s just a troll in Crusader-for-Truth-and-Justice’s clothing.

And speaking of trolls in Crusader-for-Truth-and-Justice’s clothing, here’s The Lincoln Project bringing up Judd’s rear, fighting for his honor against the Fidel-Castro-like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis:

“Frighteningly reminiscent of Castro’s repression of the free press and freedom of speech.” We must admit, that’s a new one for us. “Ron DeSantis is just like Fidel Castro” was definitely not on our bingo card.

But The Lincoln Project is nothing if not creative, and they obviously put all their Top. Men. on coming up with that one.

Ron DeCastro!

We weren’t there, of course, but we imagine that the conversation went down very much like that.

If Ron DeSantis is like Fidel Castro for having staffers criticize misinformation, then who does that make Joe Biden’s administration for setting up a Disinformation Governance Board? Palpatine?

Oh well. For more on Ron DeSantis’ War on Free Speech, be sure to check out The Lincoln Project’s sweet podcast!

Just make sure your kids aren’t in the room while you’re listening to it. Because, well, you know.

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