Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, who pretends to hate dark money and actually hates dark people, remains as dedicated as ever to preserving Roe v. Wade (which, incidentally, has made it easier for abortion mills like Planned Parenthood to target minority would-be mothers who would not be welcomed at his beach club). So committed is Whitehouse to Roe v. Wade, in fact, that he’s even willing to promote the work of a celebrated, gen-you-wine conservative columnist in order to rally the troops:


That Jennifer Rubin.

Alas, this isn’t satire. Sheldon Whitehouse is dead-serious. Or at least he wants us to think he’s dead-serious.

Seriously, this should be right up Nina Jankowicz’s alley. Jennifer Rubin, “conservative columnist”? “Laser-focused analysis”? Holy disinformation, Batman.

Like, come on.

Now, to the actual substance (if you can call it that) of Rubin’s “candid and laser-focused analysis”:

Morning Consult-Politico poll taken Tuesday found that “relatively few voters believe the ruling should be reversed entirely (28%). Half of voters said Roe should not be overturned, up from 45% who said the same in December.” Furthermore, “voters are more than twice as likely to say abortion should be legal nationally than that it should be illegal. … Relatively few voters believe abortion should be illegal in all or most cases (35%).”

(Quick question from us: were the voters polled made aware of the fact that overturning Roe v. Wade would not necessarily make abortion illegal in the United States?)

Worse, from the justices’ perspective, a mere 14 percent say they have a lot of confidence in the court. Support for expanding the court is up, with 44 percent strongly or somewhat favoring the addition of justices. That’s nothing compared with the 67 percent who strongly or somewhat support term limits. In addition, 74 percent support imposing a mandatory code of ethics; 63 percent favor an age limit; and 59 percent would like the court to have an equal number of Democrats, independents and Republicans (having dispensed with the fraud that the partisans in robes aren’t political).

Democrats would be foolish not to introduce legislation to enact some or all of those reforms. The voters are way ahead of the politicians. It turns out that rather than controversial, these proposals would be highly popular. Let Republicans defend exempting justices from ethics rules and preserving lifetime tenure for justices who benefited from Sen. Mitch McConnell’s (R-Ky.) procedural chicanery. Democrats should welcome this fight and stick with the theme that a bunch of unelected, out-of-touch justices should not be ordering the rest of us around. The tighter the GOP holds on to an imperious court bent on imposing its religious biases on an increasingly secular country, the clearer that message will be.

It’s a close race, but leave it to the likes of Jennifer Rubin to rocket to the front of the pack:

Perhaps this court will realize its choice: end its play for theocratic supremacy, or face a seriously reimagined court in which many of its current occupants won’t be there as long as they imagined.

“Conservative columnist” Jennifer Rubin thinks she’s living in “The Handmaid’s Tale” and that it’s the Supreme Court who put her there.

Given the choice between Jennifer Rubin and the judicial branch, we’ll choose the judicial branch.

Hell, given the choice between Jennifer Rubin and Chinese water torture, we’ll choose the water torture. And it’s not even close.