Yesterday, we told you about the group of visibly Jewish passengers who were booted in Frankfurt from a New-York-to-Hungary Lufthansa flight as punishment for “a couple” members of the group who had resisted following the airline’s masking guidelines.

Inquiring minds wanted to know if the clerk’s explanation captured in the above video footage is the official policy of Lufthansa. Surely the woman was mistaken. Surely this was just a big misunderstanding, and a heartfelt apology would be forthcoming.

Surely Lufthansa could’ve done better than this:

“The affected passengers.” “The large group.”

Wow. Such heartfelt. Much sincere.

It’s easy if you try!

The Lufthansa clerk had no problem being very specific about it being the Jews “who were the mess, who made the problem.” The least Lufthansa’s statement could’ve done was to note that the affected passengers in the large group were Jewish.

“Sorry” seems to be the hardest word … when you’re supposed to be saying it to Jews.

Yes. Yes they did:

As apologies go, Lufthansa’s definitely isn’t kosher.


They shouldn’t be doing anything requiring an apology in the first place, but if they do, experience dictates that they’d be pros at this sort of thing by now.

Now that’s a statement.