During his very interesting speech on inflation today, President Joe Biden broke the news that his administration “[controls] all three branches of government. Well, we don’t, really.”

Now, now, Mr. President. No need to be modest! Your own spokeswoman Jen Psaki says that you “do control all forms of branches of government”:

Joe Biden is indeed the president, Jen. We’ll grant you that. But last time we checked, the executive branch doesn’t control the other two branches of government.

Who vets these people? Jen Psaki is constitutionally illiterate. Or maybe just an aspiring liberal authoritarian. Or maybe both. Probably both.

Either way, we’re not reassured right now.

Major red flags all over the place.

Yeah, but then we’ll be saddled with election truther Karine Jean-Pierre. We can’t win with this administration.

So here’s hoping they lose, and lose big.



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