This morning, outgoing White House press secretary Jen Psaki kicked off her final week with a totally unconvincing tweet insisting that the White House takes a very firm stand against threats of violence against sitting Supreme Court Justices, threats of violence that the White House refused to condemn last week when they had the chance, before pro-aborts decided to start taking out their frustrations physically.

Wonder what prompted that little 180.

Could be!

But maybe Psaki and the White House were a little too hasty in trying to reverse course. Because now, they’ve managed to piss off lefty pro-aborts, who, if you poll them, won’t have too many nice things to say about the Biden administration’s current “official” position:

(What are these “women” of which you speak? Men get abortions, too! We’re so confused as to when it’s OK to use “woman” or “women” and when it’s transphobic. But we digress.)

We wholeheartedly agree that the Biden administration is cowardly and worse than useless. Not for the same reasons as Mattie here, but still. It’s nice to find some common ground with the opposition!

Well, depends on how you plan to deliver it to your political opponent’s face. Are you thinking fist or bullet?

Because actually, neither of those are OK. Violence is not “impassioned speech.” It’s just violence.

And these people want to see more of it.

Even in the face of criticism and scorn from people who believe that violent protest isn’t an acceptable negotiating tactic!

Narrator: There was, in fact, violence, there were, in fact, threats, and there was, in fact, vandalism. And they didn’t come from right-wing anti-democracy insurrectionists. They came from people for whom being pro-abortion is a religion.

Keith Olbermann and Co. are jonesing for another Summer of Mostly Peaceful Protests, and they’re going to set the fires with their gaslights.

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