Independent conservative journalist Jeryl Bier can’t help but be intrigued by the story of the left-wingers collectively known as Ruth Sent Us publishing information about where six Supreme Court Justices live. Bier also can’t help but be intrigued by the conspicuous lack of mainstream media coverage of this story.

Kudos to Weigel and the Washington Post here. Truly. Without them, news consumers who get their information exclusively from liberal mainstream outlets may very well not be aware that any of this has been going on.

Not that we’re ready to throw a party for WaPo just yet. The bar they’ve cleared is pretty close to the floor.

(Bier would correct his tweet, by the way. And be very transparent about it. Because that’s what good journalists do.)

“Ruth Sent Us.” It’s three words. Surely CBS had enough space in their article for just three little words.

We heard it. The White House press corps heard it, too. But no one could be bothered to report on Ruth Sent Us?

It does seem like something the journos would want to cover. Or should want to cover. Particularly since so many journos are so emotionally invested in the abortion debate, you know?

Maybe Jeryl Bier is just an optimist, OK?

Hey, technically there’s still a chance that the media could do a 180 and suddenly decide that journalism — actual journalism — is important again and worth doing … yeah, maybe that chance is worse than the chance of every single person on the planet getting struck by lightning at the exact same time while also doing the Hokey Pokey in denim cutoffs, but dammit, there’s still a chance!

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