Earlier, we told you about the New York Times’ insanely offensive hit piece intended pretty explicitly to paint him as a pro-apartheid racist.

Our jaws are still on the floor.

It’s almost as if the article’s author came up with the headline first and then decided to work backward from there.

Based on the headline alone, we wouldn’t blame you in the least for not wanting to give the actual piece the time of day.

And maybe the New York Times is actually counting on that in a weird way, because if you actually read the article, you’ll find that it contains passages that torpedo the entire premise. That’s what journalist Peter Hamby found when he read it:

Since Elon Musk himself refused to give the New York Times any comment about his childhood, the Times was forced to look for comment from people who knew Musk as a child. And those people refuted the notion that Musk was an apartheid-loving bigot.

This is media malpractice, pure and simple.

What an absolute sh*tshow the New York Times is.

It’s incredible in that the New York Times will continue to blow smoke up their own butt about their journalistic integrity and their unimpeachable journalistic and moral standards. But this sort of “journalism” from the New York Times isn’t really all that incredible. Not anymore. This is their brand now, and we have absolutely no trouble believing that they’ll continue to find new lows to which they can stoop.

You should be disgusted by all of it. Because all of it is disgusting.

The New York Times doesn’t care about legitimacy. That’s why they’re still around.

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