After having set their sights on Tucker Carlson, the New York Times wasted no time attempting another hatchet job, this time on Elon Musk:

There is no depth to which the “journalists” at the New York Times are unwilling to sink:

It’s incredibly clear what they’re “reporting”:

Another pathetic hit piece from the New York Slimes, and it begins this way:

Elon Musk’s impending takeover of Twitter has many people probing his public statements and his past for clues about how he will shape one of the world’s most influential public platforms.

But Mr. Musk, best known for owning the companies Tesla and SpaceX, has not talked much in public about a significant swath of his past: How growing up as a white person under the racist apartheid system in South Africa may have shaped him.

“It’s telling — white kids were insulated from the harsh reality of it,” said Terence Beney, who is white and graduated with Mr. Musk from Pretoria Boys High School in 1988.

What they’d like readers to assume from this is not at all subtle.

The NY Times couldn’t be more predictable.

They do seem to take the same cookie-cutter approach when dealing with anybody who’s unhelpful to the preferred narratives.

So much “journalism.”

How low can they go?

The Times deserved every bit of the ratio this hit piece received.

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