Jared Moskowitz, former Director of the Florida Department of Emergency Management and current Broward County commissioner, is an interesting guy. He’s a Florida Democrat who’s defended Ron DeSantis. He doesn’t simply toe the party line. At least not always.

Sometimes, though, he can’t help but bust out tired old liberal tropes, like this one:

Come on, Jared. Must you? Must you really?

“It’s easier to buy a gun that it is to vote.” “It’s easier to buy a gun than it is to check out a library book.”

“It’s easier to buy a gun than it is to … have ovaries.” Or something.

Whatever, dude. As a cis male non-birthing person, what business do you have talking about ovaries anyway? Why not defer to someone intimately more familiar with the female reproductive system — and with guns, for that matter. Someone like Dana Loesch:

They’re really not.

That last tweet was retweeted by none other than Parkland parent and gun control advocate Fred Guttenberg, who also decided to tweet this for some reason:

We aren’t going to tell any parent how to feel about the loss of a child, but it strikes us as pretty crass to invoke your innocent daughter’s death to defend the murder of innocent unborn children.

Dana Loesch doesn’t seem all that upset, actually. She just seems annoyed. At having to deal with the same intellectually dishonest gun control arguments day in and day out. We don’t blame her.

You’d like for Dana Loesch to get real quiet, wouldn’t you?

Too bad:

Don’t bring a butter knife to a gunfight. Or an ovary fight.



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