There were dueling articles out on Friday on fired state health department worker Rebekah Jones, both involving leaked messages with Jared Moskowitz, a Democrat who ran Florida’s COVID-19 pandemic response.

First up is the Miami Herald that painted Jones in a rather positive light:

CNN’s Chris Cuomo then used the article to push back on what he called “right wing fringe attacks” on his frequent guest:

She was on his show five times:


Cuomo just keeps getting worse:


Jones even thanked Cuomo for sharing the article:

But what Cuomo didn’t share was the second of the two articles out yesterday, this one from Politico that interviewed Moskowitz after the Miami Herald article dropped:

The Politico article is important because it comes in response to the Miami Herald article and those leaked texts that Jones allegedly gave to the paper:

Moskowitz decided to speak out publicly after Jones leaked their Twitter exchanges to The Miami Herald. Jones also shared images of encrypted Signal messages between her and Moskowitz that would have disappeared, but she took screen-captured pictures of the private exchanges and also gave them to the paper. Moskowitz said he doesn’t have copies of those. It’s unclear why Jones shared her messages.

Maybe Cuomo can tell us if he thinks Politico reporters Marc Caputo and Gary Fineout are a “right wing fringe” attack?

In his interview with Politico, Moskowitz accused Jones of “running a disinformation campaign”:

And said “everything she did was misinformation”:

Moskowitz went on to say that “there was no doubt [what Jones did’ was an effort to harm the governor”:

Cuomo, at the very least, she read the Politico article, no?

And the Miami Herald has some explaining to do, to:

And Politico reporter Gary Fineout notes that the messages Jones leaked don’t even match up with the Herald’s reporting:

Over to you, CNN and Chris Cuomo: